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One page supports can be created very quickly — in many cases, less than one business day.  Here are some examples:

  • visual cue cards, such as first-then prompts with a selection of pictures
  • a set of visual schedule pieces
  • a set of labels with pictures for classrooms or homes/living areas
  • short social narratives
  • modified classroom worksheets/activities (less than one page in total finished length)
  • student/client profile sheets
  • short Google Form surveys or quizzes (1-5 questions) with picture choices
  • Creating a fill-in form or electronic worksheet from a document, including a PDF

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Multi-page custom supports can also be created very quickly, depending on the complexity of the project.  Here are some examples of multi-page projects:

  • extensive/large size visual schedule sets, or visual schedule sets for multiple students
  • extensive/large size label sets (more than one page of printed labels)
  • personalized books & social narrative books with multiple images
  • student/client information binder parts
  • themed teaching sets and other more extensive curriculum modifications
    • for example, a personalized book and a set of activities to go with it, using a preferred character
    • complete Zones of Regulation-based classroom system prompts
    • complete unit modifications for a grade level science unit
  • classroom decor or bulletin board sets

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We can create custom audio or video supports for you!  Some examples of the video work we can do include:

  • video modeling or short personal how-tos (e.g. brushing your hair, saying hi to friends, writing a check, using a debit card, etc.)
  • app feature demonstrations for training purposes (e.g. how to spray a page full of buttons in the Boardmaker program)
  • short strategy trainings (e.g. behavior support strategies, math problem algorithm demonstrations, etc.)
  • reading a short story aloud (you supply the text to be read)
  • modified curriculum (e.g. a short video “book” about the water cycle or rock cycle – could come with an associated set of activities or quiz)

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We can customize app files for apps such as Visual Cue, First Then, PECS, Proloquo 2 Go, Twinkl, and others, and help you upload the files to your device.  We can also personally walk you through the setup of these and similar apps in a 1:1 coaching call Some customizations we’ve done include:

  • customizing Bitsboard for use with Alternate Assessment reading and writing tasks, with an instructions sheet
  • quick response sets for P2G that will work well on a phone screen; for instance, for use while in the car
  • PODD page structure for 9-, 12-, 20-, and 70-Location PODD books, to make the iPad display mirror the individual’s PODD book — with personalizations on any sections, including extensive food and activity options
  • so much more!

App customizations require a quote due to the variety of projects and levels of complexity.  Contact us for a free 15 minute call to talk over what you’re thinking about!
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Would you appreciate some help creating something not listed on this page?
Or perhaps you need a combination of supports created, and are wondering about a “package deal?”  

We would love to be able to help you.  Let’s discuss the details!

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What Others Are Saying

Thank You Seems Wholly Inadequate...

to express how much we appreciate and value and honor the work you did with Nicholas.

You helped him reach goals I didn’t think would be attainable.  The work you put in, the time you committed, and the creativity, knowledge, and love you infused in your work are amazing.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for getting Nicholas to a place in life I didn’t think he’d be and setting him up to go even farther.

Amanda W.

You Are Phenomenal!

Your students and families are so fortunate.  In all my years of working with teachers, I have never seen work more stellar than yours.  You are incredible.  

A. Beckman
University of Northern Iowa

Thanks for Being an Optimist...

who saw David’s abilities and potential and for being patient and caring. 

We appreciate all the systems you put in place to help him structure his schedule, communicate, and control his behavior. 

Your open and prompt communication has been great, and your iPad helps were essential!  

Richard & Susan G.


Patrick is doing virtual school this year.  I wanted to let you know that he was moved into a pre-algebra class a couple of weeks ago.  He’s doing amazingly well.  I was afraid he’d lose ground during the shutdown last year.  He’s also in a gen ed language arts class.

We would never have gotten here without you!  THANK YOU!

Tonya S.

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