Custom Video Supports




We can create custom audio or video supports for you!  $2/minute of finished video, minimum 1 minute.  Some examples of the video work we can do include:

  • video modeling or short personal how-tos (e.g. brushing your hair, saying hi to friends, writing a check, using a debit card, etc.)
  • app feature demonstrations (e.g. how to spray a page full of buttons in the Boardmaker program)
  • short strategy trainings (e.g. behavior support strategies, math problem algorithm demonstrations, etc.)
  • reading a short story aloud (you supply the text to be read)
  • modified curriculum (e.g. a short video “book” about the water cycle or rock cycle – could come with an associated set of activities or quiz)

Please fill out this details form after your purchase.  You’ll need to enter your order number (this helps us keep our paperwork straight).

If you’re not sure of the approximate finished length of the audio or video support you desire, please:

  • email or
  • schedule a free 15 minute call to discuss your project and receive a quote.



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