Multi-Page Custom Supports



Multi-page custom supports can be created very quickly, depending on the complexity of the project.  These supports may include (but are not limited to):

  • extensive/complete visual schedule sets
  • extensive/complete home or classroom label sets
  • personalized books
  • student/client information binders
  • training materials
  • themed teaching sets
  • classroom decor
  • more extensive curriculum modifications
  • social narratives with multiple images (picture book style)

$1 per page, minimum of two pages.  Please complete this details form after submitting your order (you’ll need your order number; it helps us keep our paperwork straight).

Not sure how many pages your project will be when complete?

Email or set up a free 15 minute call to discuss the details and get a quote.  No purchase is required when requesting a quote.  Work will begin on your project when payment is received.


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