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We can customize app files for apps such as Visual Cue, PECS, Proloquo 2 Go, Twinkl, and others, and help you upload the files to your device.  We can also personally walk you through the steps of setting up these and similar apps in a 1:1 coaching call (see the Gold Star Coaching page).  Some customizations we’ve done include (but are not limited to!):

  • quick response sets for P2G that will work on a phone screen; for instance, for use while in the car
  • PODD page structure for 9-, 12-, 20-, and 70-Location PODD books, to make the iPad display mirror the individual’s PODD book — with personalizations on any sections, including extensive food and activity options
  • visual schedules and reward systems in Visual Cue; sets of pictures that can be uploaded into the Visual Cue library for your use (without you having to find and upload each one singly)
  • Twinkl choice boards
  • PECS image sets / page sets

App customizations require a quote.  Why?  Well, very simple setups for which we already have a template or file on hand might only cost you $1, but intensive jobs such as new PODD page sets in an app other than P2G, with extensive personalizations, could require more than 120 hours of work to create the original template files.  We promise to offer you a budget-friendly price — but there’s really no way to price this category fairly “in general.”  We need to have all the unique case details to figure out the time investment that will be required to fill your order.

You can request a quote in one of three ways:

  1. “Purchase” this item and fill out this details form after your purchase.  You’ll need to enter your order number (this helps us keep our paperwork straight).  We’ll get back to you with a quote and payment link within two business days.
  2. Schedule a free 15 minute call to discuss your project and options more directly, and we can discuss pricing during the call. Following the call, upon request, a quote and payment link will be sent within two business days (usually immediately following the call).
  3. Email with your project details and questions, and we’ll get right back to you with answers and/or a quote!

No purchase is required when requesting a quote.  Work will begin on your project when payment is received.


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