Five Square Organizer for Dictation


This is a writing organizer adapted for easy use with dictation on an iPad or computer.  Comes with PDF, Word, Google Doc, and Additional Instructions files.

Available Downloads:


The Five Square Organizer for Dictation is an adapted writing organizer that provides an easy dictation accommodation for a student with dysgraphia or for anyone who prefers to dictate rather than type.  It can be used with an iPad or on a computer, or both, depending on your file storage.  There are three downloadable formats provided here:  PDF, Word, and Google Doc (all with form fields that expand).   Basic dictation instructions are included on all of the formats.  Additional use instructions are available with this product (download separately).

The organizer format is based on the organizer used with The Four Square Writing Method by Judy and Evan Gould, and using their method will provide easy scaffolding steps from the very simplest level of choosing which picture does not belong in a category to more advanced five paragraph writing.  The organizer is versatile and can be used with just about any kind of writing.  It can also be used to help with reading comprehension and vocabulary!


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